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Math practice makes perfect.

Parents can also access Math Facts in a Flash through the Renaissance portal.
  • Parents may need to download software before starting. In the lower left of the welcome screen there is blue writing that says, "check sofware requirements". Parents need to click on this link and make sure they have the software or download the software for math facts in a flash.
  • There are 40 levels, addition through squares. The default level all students start on is level 1. However, we would like grades 1-2 to start on level 1, and grades 3 and up to start on multiplication (level 20). Please set your 3rd graders and up on level 20. They can go back and do addition/subtraction after multiplication/division. To set level, log in and go to green math facts in a flash tab, click on assignment book, on the left you will see "set levels" . You must click the box next to student or students you wish to set level for before you click "set level"