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Dear New Kindergarten Families,

You have made a special decision to educate your kindergartner at home this year. I know many of you are ready to start today and will find it difficult to wait until August. Let me encourage you to enjoy this time with your eager soon-to-be kindergartner. These are precious days whether you are dealing with your first little one or your last.

The best educational resource you can give your child is your time. Spring and summer offer chances to go outdoors and picnic, garden, swing, run through sprinklers, observe tiny creatures, or relax on a blanket with a new or favorite old book. Sidewalks offer room to draw with chalk or paint with water and an old brush. On hot days you can find a cool book in your local library or visit a small local museum. There is so much learning to be discovered nearby!

I suggest that you make a list of what you want from your child's kindergarten experience and how you want to accomplish your goals. At KTL we provide ample resources and flexible support for a variety of home education needs. We also have some specific requirements as a public charter school using public funds and as a unique program with our own distinct philosophy. Children are not required to attend classes, although many families find them the best part of our school. Most kindergarteners at KTL are enrolled in the weekly Core Class from September through May. This class is filled on a first-come basis.

I have been a parent and teacher at KTL since 1997 and helped KTL founder Lee Ann Stangl develop a new and exciting tool for your family to use in exploring the world of Core Knowledge® through literacy in the arts, science, history and geography, and literature. All our kindergarten families receive a KTL “Core Kit” full of resources to bring this curriculum to life, as well as materials to build skills in language and math.

In August you will receive daily lesson plans and a copy of What Your Kindergartner Needs to Know from the Core Knowledge® Foundation. In addition, you will receive materials that align with the sequence recommended in these books. KTL wants to help you make your educational experience fit your own family situation and your child’s developmental needs, rather than trying to force your child and family to fit “school”. We also have an extensive lending library that you may visit and use at any time Monday-Thursday. We have collected the best materials known to be effective in a home environment.

After the August meeting you will see your advisor regularly to review your child's progress. We have been blessed at KTL with fabulous, caring staff, and we have made serving our families our first priority. We satisfy state requirements in the most family-friendly way we can. We have tried to streamline our record keeping so that it is helpful to you and KTL. You record daily attendance on a single page that is used all month. You also keep a separate list of all the books you read to your child or that your child reads.

At KTL we believe the one-on-one attention and the close parent-child and sibling relationships that come from home education are priceless. Mrs. Stangl had a wonderful vision when she began our school. If you need more information please call our school to arrange an appointment with Mrs. Stangl or kindergarten teacher Jill McGinnis.


Susan Nisan