1. Sign up TODAY for __www.number2.com__ and immediately begin preparing for testing by practicing math and English tests for 30 minutes daily until you take the tests (#3)
2. Register NEXT WEEK for MJC to allow time for processing. Don’t put this off.
See the following excerpt from __www.mjc.edu/admissionsinfo/__

1. APPLY For Admission
Please complete an application if...
You have never attended Modesto Junior College.
Returning students who have had an absence of at least one calendar year must complete another Admissions Application to be readmitted to the college.

You may apply for admission to MJC if you:
Have graduated from high school - includes students who have received high school certificates of completion but have not passed
the high school exit exam or;
Have passed the California High School Proficiency Certificate or the GED test
Are 18 years or older and are no longer attending high school and are able to benefit from instruction
Are an eligible 7th-12th grade student, must be at least 14 years old, who has met all special admissions conditions

3. Take the MATH and ENGLISH placements tests on West Campus. Your goal is to test into MATH 90 or higher and ENG 101; that is why you were practicing every day. Anything lower than this is remedial and is a waste of time unless you really need it.
4. Register at the earliest possible date for 12-15 units of classes.

Take the math course you tested into, English 101, Speech 100, and either Healthful Living (online) or Music Appreciation (on campus). These are all UC transferable general education courses that have different types of homework loads so that you do not become overwhelmed. Do not try to take summer classes that meet for only a month, they are too compressed in time. Also avoid classes that meet only once per week.
Next you should take a science course, a history or social science course, a computer course, and another general education course. After you get the basics out of the way, you can take whatever classes interest you and begin to work on a major or a certificate.
You should take a PE course of your choice every semester. Try something new.
5. Go to EVERY class. Do ALL your work. NO excuses.
6. Visit the tutoring centers early (within the first two weeks of class) and often (at least weekly.) Meet with the professor if any assignment or lecture is unclear to you.
7. When you make the Dean’s list and later receive your AA, it will be worth it all!