2009-2010 Period 3 11:00-12:05 pm Tuesdays and Thursdays

A. Instructor: My name is Susan Nisan. I am in my thirteenth year at Keyes Charter. I am currently teaching biology until a full-time science teacher joins the KTL staff. My preparation in biology includes college courses in biology, genetics, animal behavior, sociobiology and biochemistry. You may contact me at 634-6467 or online at www.ktlcharter.wikispaces.com
B. Course Description: This course is a college-preparatory biology class and is required for high school graduation.

C. Course Objectives: This class covers California State Standards for Science (See http://www.cde.ca.gov/be/st/ss/index.asp )

D. Text and Materials: Prentice-Hall Biology, 2007, and Workbook
Your binder, lined paper, a lab notebook with at least 100 sheets of paper, a pen, a pencil and colored pencils

E. Course Requirements for Students: Daily Assignments—You will be responsible for completing an assignment daily at school or at home. If you are absent, you are responsible for handing in missed work and scheduling quizzes with me when you return to class.

Semester Goals—You will…

1. complete all written work using full sentences, on a timely basis, and use the work to study for exams.
2. master science vocabulary words with the opportunity to test multiple times.
3. complete a lab notebook with detailed drawings and will preview and lead one lab each semester.
4. complete an individualized project to be presented to the class at the end of the semester.

Textbook—Keep your textbook at home. Read the textbook ALOUD to understand the lesson and reinforce it.

Evaluation—You will complete assignments on a weekly basis and periodic tests. You will be given opportunities to rework and explain missed test questions. Extra credit opportunities will be rare and announced well in advance.

F. Grading Policy: Your Assignment Sheet tells exactly what is expected in this class. Assignments and all take-home tests are open book. You are expected to do your own work and earn your own grade. You may talk with classmates about questions but you must not copy an answer that another student has worked out. Copying is plagiarism, a serious academic offense. The KTL Plagiarism Policy is detailed at www.ktlcharter.wikispaces.com.

100+ = A+ 90-99 = A 80-89 = B 70-79 = C 69 or below at mid-term requires a parent conference

Participation = 10 % Project = 10% Tests = 20% Final = 20% Labs and Daily Work = 40%

G. Course Requirements for Parents: Daily Assignments—Provide a quiet place for your student to concentrate. Your student must complete every assignment unless he or she has an assignment pardon. If you have an assignment question, please contact me at 634-6467or at www.ktlcharter.wikispaces.com and give both the question and page numbers.

Progress—You will receive information about how to access your student’s grade online by September 1. Please contact me if you have questions about your student’s progress. Projects will be presented orally in January. Rubrics will be provided one month prior to the beginning of the semester project.

Parent volunteers are needed to help in biology class, especially when there are labs to complete.

Science Class Participation Points: Participate in every class. You will learn more and receive up to 10 or 11 participation points per day.

The first 5 points are based on your complete lab notebook and workbook. Your notebook may be any type you prefer, spiral, bound, lined, graph paper, etc., of at least 100 pages, but it must be used only for this class and you must not tear out pages. You will earn no notebook points if your notebook is missing or incomplete. If you need colored pencils to use at home for your journal, please ask me and I will lend some to you. (Do not use markers unless you have very thick paper in your notebook/)

The other 5 class points are recorded as follows, with one point deducted as you move down the list.

5 points are recorded when you are on time, with all materials, and show respect for others.
4 points are recorded if you are tardy.
3 points are recorded if you are deliberately disruptive to others (passing notes, whispering, etc.)
2 points are recorded if you forget to bring your binder, pencil, etc.
1 point is recorded if your disruptive behavior requires that I contact the office and your parents.
0 points are recorded if you are absent until I receive a written excuse and the missed work.

Occasionally, you may earn 6 class points. The bonus point may be awarded for bringing in your assignment sheet at the end of the learning period or for other reasons to be announced in advance, such as attending a science-related community event.

Biology Class Format: Due to the nature of a science class, there is no consistent format. Some days will be labs while others may include videos or guest speakers. Please refer to the instructions on the whiteboard when you enter the room and show all adults and other students your fullest respect at all times.

Science classes require an extra measure of safety and care with the use of specialized equipment and materials. Please wait for instructions and follow all safety precautions. There is to be no teasing and rough play at any time. Use your common sense and, when in doubt, DON’T!

Tips for Student Success:

1. Always be prepared for class by completing and checking your daily work before the due date.
2. Come to class on time with your binder with all assignments, your science workbook and lab notebook, and pencils.
3. Read aloud the Biology textbook at home. Seeing and hearing the lesson will help you learn.
4. Make vocabulary flash cards and ask a family member to quiz you both ways (words and definitions).
5. Check all lab notebook entries and diagrams for accuracy and color all pictures carefully, using colored pencils.
6. You will have class time to begin partner work. Use your time wisely. Unexcused late work will be marked down.
7. Assignments must include names, dates, and page numbers and may not be submitted on ripped-out spiral notebook paper.
8. If you neglect to do your work neatly, you will need to recopy and resubmit your assignment. This is non-negotiable.
9. You may use an assignment pardon once per semester on any daily work of your choice. Projects and tests are not included.
10. Plan your semester project carefully. You will make both written and oral presentations at the end of the semester.